How To Talk To Girls

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Published: 09th July 2012
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Talking to girls can be one of the most intimidating things that a young guy can do. You don't want to sound stupid, you don't want to say anything stupid, and ultimately, you want the girl to like you and keep wanting to talk to you. There's one thing that you can be a bit relieved about: you don't have to be the best looking guy in order for a girl to talk to you. Most girls see past that, and they want to talk to someone interesting. The following are a few tips that you can think about and then eventually use in order for you to feel more comfortable talking to girls. If you keep true to these methods, you can be sure that you'll gain more confidence and girls will be talking to you more often in a very short time.

How To Talk To Girls Tip #1: Be Casual
The last thing you want to do when trying to talk to a girl is give off the impression that you want to marry her already. Keep it casual. Talk about simple things, such as your interests, where you grew up, things that might have happened during the day..etc. Avoid talking to her about past boyfriends or girlfriends! If she brings it up, then it's fine. If you bring it up however, it will make her think that you want her to be your next girlfriend, which will scare her off. Be casual, and she'll feel like she can always have a simple, comfortable conversation with you.

How To Talk To Girls Tip #2: Don't Idolize Her
This should be a no brainier, but I've seen many guys make this mistake. They think that by kissing up to the girl, she'll want to keep talking to them. This makes you look weak and desperate, so don't do it! While I don't agree with the notion that girls only like guys that treat them like crap, I do think that keeping her down to Earth will help your chances in her wanting to talk to you, because it will keep her intrigued. You should talk to her with an attitude of: "I'm talking to you, but I don't want to date you". It's okay to flirt and tease, but just don't put her on a pedestal. Giving her compliments in a subtle way is a great thing to do, because it will keep her thinking, "what did he mean by that"?

How To Talk To Girls Tip #3: Listen
This is big, because girls are really big on guys who are good listeners. Don't be distracted by other things, such as her looks, when you are talking to her. Make eye contact and respond to her comments in a way that she knows you are paying attention to her. Not only will listening help her know that you are a good person to talk to, but it will help you learn more about her interests, passions, and things that motivate her. Think of it as valuable information for finding her the perfect gift. Also, it will help you tremendously in asking her the right questions and doing things that don't annoy her. Of all the tips, listening is probably number one.

If you still feel nervous about how to talk to girls, don't blame yourself. I've been in your shoes before, believe me. If you relax, don't try too hard, and follow these tips. You will become a pro at talking to girls in no time. If you want to practice, just start small and talk to girls you see in stores at the mall. It will take the pressure off, because you will probably never see those girls again. That is...until you become good at it.

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