10 First Date Tips For Men

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Published: 13th August 2012
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Going on a first date can be stressful, and some men really need advice before making this plunge with a woman that they are interested in. By following these first date tips for men, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a great first date with that special lady.

Plan the perfect date. Although some websites that claim to give first date tips for men might suggest that you go to dinner and a movie, this is not a great first date. Instead, try something short and sweet. A casual lunch, eating ice cream at the park or enjoying a cup of coffee at a quaint little coffee shop are great first date options.

You should dress to impress for your first date, but don't wear anything too formal. A crisp collared shirt with a pair of nice jeans and clean sneakers should be sufficient for most situations. You not only want to dress well to impress your date, but you always want to impress yourself. If you feel confident in your appearance, you will exude this confidence on your date.
Pick up the tab on your first date, but make sure that you don't spend too much money. If you spend a lot on your first date, your new girl will either think that you are showing off, or she will expect expensive dates every time. Instead of spending a lot of money, focus on enjoying the date.

Don't plan for a long date the first time around. A very long date will make both you and the woman feel a bit uncomfortable, and it will be difficult to make an escape if the two of you aren't feeling one another. Plan for a short and sweet date the first time around, then plan something a bit longer for next time.
Focus on your girl only when you are on your date. Although it might be difficult not to look at other attractive women while you are out, doing so will make you look like a pig to your new girl. Save the staring and flirting for when you are out with your guy friends.
Try to engage the woman in an interesting conversation, and let her do most of the talking. Make sure that you are really listening, however.
Find out more about your date, but don't make her feel like she is at a job interview. Casually asking her about her life will make her feel like you are interested, but drilling her about all of her exes, her family, her job and such is never a good idea.
Show off your fun and playful side. There is a time and a place to be serious, but your date should be a lot of fun for both you and the woman. Tell jokes and funny stories and try to find other ways to make your date laugh.

Don't try to be too physical on the first date. You will be able to tell if the woman is interested in kissing you; if she does not show any signs of wanting to do anything physical on the first date, avoid making a move or pressuring her. She will appreciate it if you act like a gentleman, and it will make her more likely to give it a chance on future dates.
Make sure that you call her the next day. Although many first date tips for men suggest that you wait a few days or even a week before calling her, she wants to know that you are still interested. If you are, call her sometime the next day. If you don't want to do that, at least send her a quick text message.

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